Astounding aerial photos or amazing abstract art?

Mike and JP Andrews working under the Instagram handle @abstractaerialart certainly have a flair for capturing these sorts of images. (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
This satisfying image appears to show an old island fort, peacefully overgrown with grass and vegetation. (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
This brilliantly posed image captures the lines and shadows in a superbly satisfying way. (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
Massive towering skyscrapers aren't often seen from this height through a fisheye lens. (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
A lone fighter with sleek lines and an equally sleek finish makes for another awesome aerial snap. (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
This aerial photograph of a scrapyard shows that even man's discarded belongings are capable of being beautiful when presented in a certain format. (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
Even a maze can look entirely different and somehow even more impressive when shot from above. (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
"The point is not to work out what it is, but to show how weird and wonderful the world can look from above." (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
The Instagram brothers took this image at an airport terminal. Don't try this at home, or at an airport.  (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
These moored boats make for a nice accidental man-made flower. We love the lines and colours of these sorts of images.  (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
Cracked lines of the earth below look like an intricate network of winding roads or veins. The white surface likened to a delicate eggshell.  (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
A parking lot full of white cars appears almost symmetrical when snapped by a drone from this angle. (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
A lone rocky island sits surrounded by beautiful waters. The colours and contours of the surrounding sea contrast wonderfully with the jagged rocks.  (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
This image makes us wish the original architects had focussed more on symmetry with the design layout. As an abstract image though, it's brilliant.  (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
From the ground, these rows and rows of cargo containers probably look fairly imposing. From above, they're simply colourful.  (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
Whenever we see a photo like this, we wish we were in an open-top sports car blasting down these winding roads. (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
Lines of unoccupied deck chairs sit at the water's edge, almost beckoning the waves inward.  (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
Neat waterways and careful property development make for an interesting residential area. (image credit: @abstractaerialart)
A crashed plane surrounded by undergrowth. The straight lines of the fuselage contrast perfectly with the messy natural vegetation that surrounds it. (image credit: @abstractaerialart)