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(Pocket-lint) - PowerVision Technology Group has announced its PowerRay underwater drone is now available to pre-order. First shown off at CES 2017, the PowerRay drone has been designed to be used by anyone, whether it be professional videographers or water sports athletes, or recreational fishers who want to see where the best spots are.

The PowerRay drone can be submerged in up to 30 metres of water, and has an optional sonar system that can detect fish up to 40 metres below it, giving an effective diving depth of 70 metres.

PowerRay says the precision of the sonar system is within 10cm, and the internal Wi-Fi system can transmit 4K video and images to a mobile device up to a range of 80 metres.

You use your iOS or Android device as a screen to see what the PowerRay's camera is seeing in real time, and the software can identify different fish species, give you a real time location of the drone's whereabouts underwater, its speed and light settings.

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The PowerRay drone is available to pre-order in three packages: the PowerRay Explorer, which gives you a drone complete with controller, base station, 50 metre cable (the drone is physically attached to the controller) and 32GB of storage for €1,599. The Angler package adds the sonar fish finder and a Fishing Suit, which can take your fishing bait to a precise location to save you having to cast it out, for €1,988.

Finally, the Wizard package comes with the same add-ons as the Angler package, but 64GB of video storage and a 70 metre cable instead, includes a suitcase to store the drone in, and a Zeiss VR One Plus virtual reality glasses.

The glasses let you see what the camera on the drone is seeing in virtual reality, and even lets you control the drone's location. The PowerRay Wizard package will be available for €2,099. All three packages can be pre-ordered now, with shipping expected from the end of May.

Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 18 April 2017.