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(Pocket-lint) - Flying Gadgets, the toy company that introduced the X-Voice voice-controlled drone last year, is bringing another unique quadcopter to the UK later this year, the X-Water. It can fly both above and below water, while filming 720p video.

What's more, it will only cost £50 when it arrives.

The X-Water is claimed to be the world's first waterproofed drone and effectively works like any other hand-sized flyer when zipping around the skies. The HD camera is front-facing and also encased, so it can film down to two metres while submerged.

What's more, Flying Gadgets told us at the recent London Toy Fair that, when released, the drone will be able to fly above ground, dive under water, then return to the skies, continuously filming as it goes.

Unfortunately, the version we saw at the show was just a waterproofed prototype, so we didn't get to see it fly - just dunked into a fish tank. But the one that is coming around Christmas time will be fully capable.

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"We thought what would happen if we waterproofed a traditional toy drone," a spokesperson said to us.

It seems that inquisitive approach will pay off.

The Flying Gadgets X-Water drone will be available in winter 2016 for around £50.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 27 January 2016.