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(Pocket-lint) - We get it. Some people hate drones. Like, really hate them.

So much so that an Idaho-based ammunition manufacturer has announced a new product just for them. It's called Drone Munition. We're not joking. It's a specialised shotgun shell designed to take down drones.

As drones equipped with cameras become increasingly popular, we're beginning to hear stories about these flying toys being plucked out of the air by annoyed people on the ground or curious animals in the sky. We even compiled some of the best drone takedown videos, which you can watch here.

But a company called Snake River is taking things to another level. It thinks drones can be used to invade your privacy, so it developed Drone Munition for those who agree and want to defend themselves against "drone threats". Keep in mind shooting a drone is most likely against the law in your area.

Snake Riveryou can now buy special drone munition shotgun shells to take down drones image 3

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The rounds are 12 gauge, 3-inch shot shells specifically crafted to hit drones at high altitudes. Each shell carries a proprietary ferromagnetic ballistic payload that will "effectively disable a drone encroaching your property’s airspace".

You can read more specs and details about Drone Munition here. Snake River has also listed several stores and distribution channels that plan to sell the controversial rounds.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 19 August 2015.