As drones begin to fill the skies so too do videos of their antics.

If shows like You've Been Framed have taught us anything it's that seeing expensive things get destroyed is funny.

So seeing pricey drones getting plucked out of the air by not-so-natural predators is, as you'd imagine, great entertainment.

We've compiled the best drone takedown videos to grace the interwebs so far. From bird attacks to fisherman hookings, these are some unique ways to lose a flying toy.

Eagle drone takedown

The eagle is well known as the alpha of the skies. There are very few birds that are safe flying near an eagle, and now drones have joined that endangered list.

This drone was taken out by a wedge-tailed eagle in Australia.

Chimpanzee drone takedown

This clever chimp was able to use the wonders of his opposable thumbs to wield a branch and takedown a prying drone. This happened at Burgers' Zoo in The Netherlands where the inquisitive fellow appears to investigate the downed drone after he crashes it.

Fisherman drone takedown

Some people find the noisy hum of drones annoying. Fisherman are fans of the quiet at the best of times, so this guy was understandably annoyed being filmed while he tried to fish.

As the soundtrack attests his aim is true, he hooks this drone in one. Somehow the drone manages to get away to share the footage. Lucky us.

Ram drone takedown

This angry ram decides the buzzing drone in its face is too much and with a swift headbutt takes it out of the sky.

Not content with just the drone it then turns its attentions on the drone owner too. That's one angry ram.

Shotgun drone takedown

A shotgun is going to do damage to pretty much anything it's pointed at. This is what has happened to numerous drones that stray onto gun-toting property owners.

This video shows a test of an armoured drone being hit by a shotgun blast. It does surprisingly well. Skip to 4:43 for the shotgun action.

There's now even special shotgun ammo that features drones on the packaging. Yup, it's being marketed as ammo specifically for shooting down privacy-invading drones.

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Kangeroo drone takedown

You've probably heard of boxing kangeroos before, but likely never been at the receiving end of a 'roo punch.

This unlucky drone took a direct hit before crashing to the ground. We say unlucky but in reality it was pestering the potential boxer, so maybe it had it coming.

Drone takedown by nudists

Yup, this is an odd one. Rather than taking down the drone directly these nudist chase the pilot off.

The pilot trying to justify himself is laughable, worth watching for that alone.

Drone takedown by a volcano

Not just one but several drones were taken down by the 1,000 degree Fahrenheit heat of a volcano.

Videos were being shot for one of a kind footage of the inside of an active volcano. While plenty of great footage was captured many a drone died doing it. This is the live footage that survived.

Drone takes down an aeroplane

Alright before you say it, yes this is not real. This was the work of special effects genius Bruce Branit.

Needless to say this footage went viral when it hit the interwebs but it's just the work of fancy VFX. As far as we know there isn't a civilian drone built that can beat a commercial jet at a game of chicken.

Drone takedown by an angry gig goer

At the Bachata concert one fan is not happy about the distraction and pounces, after quite a run, on the airborne device.

But security are there to save and avenge the drone immediately.

Skiing drone takedown

This video isn't quite on the same lines as all the others. But it's so outrageously close we had to include it. This shows slalom skier Marcel Hirscher narrowly avoiding a crashing drone. This is a professional camera drone so this would be heavy and as you can see from the impact it was falling fast. He's one lucky guy.

Role-playing dude spears drone in Russia

Some sort of historical festival took place in central Russia recently, and it appears one guy who was role-playing doesn't like drones too much. While a drone was getting some aerial shots of a group of people in costumes, he took an actual spear and chucked it at the drone, knocking it down from the sky. It's an epic battle, to say the least.

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