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(Pocket-lint) - As if flying drones weren't creepy enough, MIT has just unveiled a tiny bot it wants to send into your body.

The magnetically powered drone is 1.7cm long but will, one day, be small enough to move about inside your body.

The current model is still very impressive. Despite its size it can move at 3cm per second and even carry double its own weight. This is done using two sets of magnets which cycle on and off to rattle in time and drive the asymmetrical feet.

The below video shows off the robot in action, able to move blocks, climbs gradients and even plough through mountains of blocks in its path.

If all that doesn't make the microbot spy ready enough, there's more. Drop the little bot into acetone and it'll dissolve leaving nothing but the magnets. While this brings the self-destructing messages of Mission: Impossible to mind, it's likely more to show what could be done when it reaches human body-entry stages. Of course it'll need a lot of scaling down before then.

Imagine an army of nanobots that can enter the bloodstream, clear out and clean up clogs before dissolving into nothing. The future is very exciting indeed and these drones are just the start.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 29 May 2015.