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(Pocket-lint) - Our robotic overlords have just stepped up their efforts to control humanity. This time some fleshy fools at SXSW have shown-off an autonomous flying drone that can taser a person with 80,000 volts.

The Cupid drone hexacopter, built by Chaotic Moon Studios, is able to activate on a person's property, for example, where it can hover to stop a thief escaping. The owner of the drone will be notified on an app where they can choose to select a "detain" option. This sets the drone into fully autonomous mode so it can taser the criminal with 80,000 volts rendering them unconscious until the police arrive. That or until you've stripped the fellow naked and robbed him. Yes it's a dark thought but a possible reality.

While we like the idea of a drone protecting a property this does take humanity down a slippery slope. In the US this protection of one's property might be a nice alternative to blowing a burglar's head off. For the rest of the world it's a sensitive area. But since it's non-lethal perhaps it could be a good way to protect a home.

The problems occur when this kit gets into the hands of hackers. A street thug once said, when asked why he used a dog to mug people rather than a knife: "because a knife can't chase you round a corner." The thought of drones chasing after us with stun guns at the behest of a tech-savvy mugger is chilling to say the least.

So, a new can of technological worms has been opened. What do you think of the idea?

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 10 March 2014.