Toyota bZ4X review

Toyota - having dominated the hybrid segment - has taken a long time to bring us a fully electric car. And now we have it, the Toyota bZ4X. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The complicated name breaks down as bZ (beyond zero), 4 (because its a mid-sized SUV), X (because it's a crossover). It's hardly catchy. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
There are some futuristic lines on this car, with a hint of family design you'll spot on the RAV4, as well as some Lexus models. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
There's a great split wing at the top of the rear window and an interesting double lip on the trailing edge of the trunk. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The interior is really spacious thanks to the flat floor of the cabin, with loads of legroom in the back. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
There's a modern feel to the interior, although the materials aren't the highest quality that you'll find, with heavy use of harder plastics. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
All trims have the same 71.4kWh battery, which is pretty big, giving around 300 miles of range depending on the options you choose and how you drive. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The bZ4X is loaded with tech, with a big central display running things which is clean and intuitive to use. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The Toyota bZ4X is easy to drive, loaded with tech and really comfortable. There's plenty of space, decent range and even some offroad skills. (image credit: Pocket-lint)