(Pocket-lint) - Remember when the Range Rover Evoque was first unveiled at a Chelsea art gallery by George Lamb and they announced Victoria Beckham would be working on its design? No, us neither.

But she, er, has been working with Range Rover on the Evoque. And this is the result, the (deep breath) Range Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham special edition. It’s easy to mock all this as clap-trap celebrity endorsement of products, but this isn’t like when Claudia Schiffer was used to add some much needed glamour to the deathly dull Citroen Xsara.

No, despite, as a 30-odd-year-old male, my having very little interest in such things, Mrs Pocket-lint assures me that Posh Spice now has a rather successful fashion line which is respected by industry commentators and couture fashion houses alike. Plus, brand Beckham is huge just about everywhere, so if you were Range Rover, wouldn’t you take the opportunity to tip her into the mix and broaden the image of your new product right across the world?

The Beckham edition will be a limited run of 200 cars. It features a matte-finish, gunmetal-grey paint scheme. Gloss black wheels are fitted and the gloss paint extends to the front and rear scuff plates. The rear lamp clusters - normally red - are now clear.


Around the grille, there’s a strip of rose-gold, which is carried inside on to the heating control surrounds. The seats are now a semi-Aline finish (no, us neither), but what might surprise you is that the only mention of Beckham’s name is on a leather pouch the hand book sits in. How very restrained. The price of all this Spice Girl/footballer’s wife/fashion designer tomfoolery? A cool £80,000. Yes, that’s nearly twice as much as the standard car on which it’s based. Which, for what amounts to a colour and trim exercise, is frankly nuts.

No matter though, because the exclusivity of these cars and Beckham’s name probably means every single one of the 200 Range Rover plans on making has someone’s name against it in an order book already.


Putting our best macho, car journalist face on, we'd love to continue to laugh and gently take the proverbial. But at the risk of losing any credibility we might have ever had, the most irritating thing about this car is that we have to admit it’s all rather impressive. When most people heard about the project, they didn’t expect it to have as much restraint or relative good taste as the car we see before us. It pains us to say it, but we think this is actually the best-looking Evoque yet.

Writing by Joe Simpson.