It's not every day that you get to sit in a supercar. But at the Geneva Motor Show it seems to be the norm. Not that this made sitting in and spending some time with the new McLaren 650S any less special.

Based on the McLaren 12C, the 650S is a similar overall experience. Shown off in a bright orange coat of paint at the show the Coupe model certainly turned a few heads. And at £195,000 it would more than turn your wallet inside out.

Tucked into the back there's a twin turbocharged 3.8L V8 engine that brings with it a rather ridiculous 641bhp. This translates to 0-60mph at a meagre three seconds which, we suspect, would be enough to turn your stomach inside out too. In a good way.

mclaren 650s pictures and hands on image 4

That speed doesn't slow much either, as keep that foot to the floor and 120mph will be reached in a fraction over eight seconds. Top speed? An eye-watering 207mph. It's not therefore faster than the 12C, but the bump in horsepower makes it that much quicker to accelerate.

Inside the car's low nature feels like you're almost sitting on the floor, while there's carbon fibre pretty much everywhere - including the interior trim. We're never too sure about using carbon fibre for interior trim as it just looks a bit odd, despite making a statement in its own right. It also makes for a lightweight build at just 1,330kgs total.

mclaren 650s pictures and hands on image 10

We love how the giant doors swing upwards and outwards to dramatic effect; a look that continues throughout the rest of the bodywork. Just look at it. It's all subtle lines and swirls, particularly the almost swan-neck shaping that captures the front lights.

Take a look through our picture gallery to soak up the delights of this car. Because, let's face it, most of us are never going to see or own such a car. But we can all dream.