If there's a prize for car with the coolest name from this year's Geneva Motor Show then we think it would have to go to the Mazda Hazumi concept. Although, really, it's less concept and borderline reality and what you're currently feasting your eyes on will be the Mazda 2.

And it looks rather lovely. It's got that distinct Japanese style about it that oozes cool and, in this instance looks like an Alfa Romeo 4C has had a facelift. Maybe it's the red paint and strong lighting, or perhaps it's that curvaceous "smile" tucked in among the Transformer-esque front grille.


We were only able to see the Hazumi from afar rather than get inside, but from what we can see this 5-door super-mini has all the guts it needs to take on the likes of a sporty Ford Fiesta. Mazda has squeezed in plenty of details that caught our attention: the dual exhaust to the rear and those 18-inch alloy really set off the low-slung chassis.

Under the hood there's a new 1.5L Skyactiv-D diesel engine able to deliver CO2 emissions under 90g/km - an key element in the UK to keep its tax on par with the likes of the 88g/km Ford Fiesta or Focus.

Other details are somewhat limited - this is a concept after all - so sit back and click through the gallery and adsorb what we think is a striking little car to look at. In many ways its a shame the concept name will die as we keep saying it with our best Japanese accent and think it's got a wonderful ring to it even from a Western tongue. Looks and sounds good to us.