Just as Batman had the Batmobile, bosses in the UK can have the Jaguar XJ. Strong words, but with so many toys to play with, we just couldn't resist the lure of Jaguar inviting us on a track day to have a play with the new XJ.

Now, we aren't ones to keep something as cool as this to ourselves here at Pocket-lint, so we've snapped the car within an inch of its life, like a pap chasing a celeb, so you can see all those toys in glorious colour.

What's to get excited about? How about that 12.3-inch LCD screen that replaces those boring old mechanical dials that you've probably got in your car?

Or maybe the large touchscreen control panel that features a dual screen system that allows the passenger to watch the Jeremy Kyle show, while all you see is the satnav instructions (don't worry everyone gets headphones so you can't hear either).

Continuing on the multimedia front there's also a DVD player, the CD burning to hard drive function, a 30GB hard drive to store music and films on, the DAB radio and iPhone support via Bluetooth - in fact the only thing that is really missing is internet connectivity.

Beyond entertainment there is the heated steering wheel for those cold mornings, a massage feature that will work your back while you're stuck in traffic, and that's before you start talking about the motorised seats, the touch sensitive lights and glove compartment switch.

Oh, and did we mention the rear parking camera, the ability to automatically monitor traffic in front of you and slow down accordingly when using cruise control, and its ability to stay on the straight and narrow on icy roads because of its auto correcting DSC system.

All of these gadgets, to be honest, pale in comparison to that 12.3-inch display that dynamically changes to give you the information you need. Whether it's telling you who has their seatbelt on (graphically of course), or what the next turning on the road is (it briefly replaces the petrol gauge), this is certainly the car for you if you want to boast about your gadget credentials.

The catch? It's slightly more expensive than your average laptop, coming in at around £65,000 and change. But, boy, is it worth it!