(Pocket-lint) - Ford's first all-electric vehicle has officially been unveiled: the Mustang Mach-E. Yep, it's all-electric and it's a Mustang. Albeit with SUV styling, so perhaps not an electric Mustang as you might have expected it.

Following the big Los Angeles launch event on Sunday 17 November, we got to get a peek at the all-new Mustang at the European launch in Oslo, Norway, where we sat inside and got to experience the future vision of Ford.

Mustang goes SUV

  • From £40,270 to £58,000
  • Available "late 2020"

As you can see from our pictures, the Mach-E really is a Fusion (terrible pun there, Ford fans) of SUV with some Mustang-esque style elements. It's no coupe, of course, rather a long wheelbase and higher riding kind of vehicle.


Principle to the design is the absence of speaker grille, because an all-electric car has no radiator tht requires cooling. It gives the front a distinctive look in the nose.

A huge tech step-up

  • 15.5-inch touchscreen interface
  • 10.2-inch digital drivers cluster
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • No visible doorhandles, touch-based passcode system
  • Adaptive cruise control, lane-keep, collision prevention

Inside the car is where we see the future of Ford. Whether you like the idea of a Mustang SUV or not, it's this interior and tech suite setup that shows the American brand is really forging forward.


To the centre is a huge 15.5-inch touchscreen interface, similar to the panel you'll find in Tesla's electric cars, which looks like it's floating and dominates the central view. There are some physical controls below it, but it's predominantly a touch-based system.

Beyond the steering wheel is a 10.2-inch digital driver's cluster, which can present digital info straight to line of sight. That's very much in keeping with where such customisable displays are going - and something we've long seen from the VW Group, in Audi, Volkswagen and so forth.

You may notice that side-on there are no physical door handles. That's because there aren't. Ford has implemented a single button per door which, when pressed, causes a mechanical rod to push the door open, just enough for you to take hold of it and open it.


But that's not all, on the driver's door there's a light-up keypad in the upper section which can be used to set a PIN for access to the car. How about that for futuristic? There's even smartphone access, so you can use your phone as the key (although not in the UK just yet - something that might be sorted by launch).

Battery, range and speed

  • 0-62mph in under 5 seconds
  • 280 / 370 miles range
  • 150kW charging
  • 0g/km CO2

The electric Mustang will come in a number of forms: there's the Mach-E, the AWD (all-wheel drive), and the First Edition.

The standard package (75kWh) will offer up to 280 miles range per charge, while the extended package (99kWh, which of course costs more) will offer up to 370 miles. That's pretty much unrivalled at present, so if that holds true then Ford has a real reason to attract a heap of potential buyers.


Interesting is the implementation of a dual motor all-wheel drive version. It's the first time ever a Mustang has delivered power to all wheels, rather than just the rear. Again, it'll cost a bit more, but will deliver more control and agility.

Charging takes place at up to 150kW, using a relevant road-side charger, which should make for quick top-ups too. Or you can charge slower at home, of course.

First Impressions

With great range potential and a huge step-up in technology implementation from Ford, the Mustang Mach-E represents a prosperous future for the American car brand.

Well, it does if you can get on board with the idea of a Mustang being an SUV. We suspect this will split fans down the middle in a love-hate divide for the much-loved pony badge vehicle heritage.

The Mustang Mach-E is available for pre-order now, with delivery expected "late 2020". It will cost from between £40,270 to £58,000 depending on trim, range, platform and added extras.

Writing by Mike Lowe.