Some cars are just special. Particularly the seemingly unobtainable ones. And we don’t mean just the super-pricey. The Ford Mustang is one such example - an iconic car that will celebrate its 50th birthday in April 2014. And Ford’s way of celebrating? To bring the Ford Mustang to the UK in 2015 for the very first time.

That’s right. The pony-symbol car will be galloping over to our shores, right-hand drive included, for the first time ever. Having driven various Mustangs in the States we’re bursting at the seams with excitement over this announcement.

And you can see why from our pictures. At the official unveiling in Barcelona, presented by no less than Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company, the Mustang - in its hard-top and soft-top derivates - rolled onto the stage to rapturous applause.


Ford wasn’t quite milking it though. It was only afterwards in the "experience centre" room that both show cars - seen here in its soft-top 5.0 litre V8 GT form - were presented so we could hear the true roar and smell the pungent fumes from that all-American muscle engine.

But here’s a thing: not all of the 50th anniversary 2015 Mustangs will come complete with the 5-litre V8. There will be a V6 3.7-litre and - wait for it - a 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine too. Gulp. A Mustang with an EcoBoost? Cheese with your chalk, sir?

Don’t get us wrong, we do love the EcoBoost. In the latest Fiesta it was incredible. But the Mustang isn’t a Fiesta. And we want to feel like we’re riding that pony bareback, sticking a finger up to the green world while guzzling the gas from this all-American muscle car (now donate £10 to Greenpeace upon each drive).


In the UK it isn’t yet clear which engine options will be available and Ford execs at the launch event are deferring their answers. We should find out in the future whether it'll be just the EcoBoost model to land on the isle. Price, too, is an unknown entity this far out from launch date.

But, right now, we don’t really care about the money. Because the Mustang looks smoking hot. None of this mid-90s boxy nonsense, this is the global look for the half-century model and we really rather like what it’s doing to our eyes.

It’s less tall than the recent Mustang models which gives the car an aggressive look. That’s furthered by those wonderfully angry headlamp eyes and dark front grille. To the rear it’s got what Ford describes as "tri-bar taillamps" - three-strip red rear lamps that run near vertically add a lick of style to the look. It’s all very Transformers - in a good way and complies with European road laws for the first time.


The 5-litre model we saw was finished in silver-grey, which seemed more subdued than the power that lies within. A bit of look-at-me red, like the neighbouring hard-top also on show, wouldn’t have gone amiss. One interesting quirk is that the 50th anniversary model will come available in the same "Wimbledon white" paint finish as the original 1964 model - it might not sound ultra American, but that matte, creamy white finish would look tasty on this bodywork we reckon.

We’re yet to nestle behind the wheel, as the car is "fenced off" behind a red rope. As much as we were tempted to jump it - as right now we can’t think of a place we’d prefer to be sat - we didn't want to be shot down in Barcelona. We've caught a glimpse of the "aviation cockpit inspired" interior, which is said to come complete with proper tactile knobs and switches like in a plane. Snazzy.

When the Mustang GT 2015 comes to the UK it’ll be a special moment - we just hope it brings with it a variety of engine sizes and options, otherwise it’s back to the import option if you want true American muscle. And, of course, sleep on a bed of £50 notes.