Ford announced the Fiesta ST at the LA Auto Show in November and since then we have been desperate to get a look at the hot hatch.

The bright orange bad boy was lurking at Ford's Sync stand at CES. We didn't manage to sit inside it unfortunately, but the crazy paint job and super-aggressive looks of the ST definitely caught our eye. 


Like its bigger brother, the Focus ST, this is an off the wall, pumped-up version of the standard car, boasting distinctive bodywork and a tricked-out engine. 

The car is hatchback and six-speed manual only, with a 1.6 litre, 197 horsepower, four-cylinder EcoBoost engine. We can only imagine how mad that amount of power will feel in such a small and lightweight car. The EcoBoost element of things turns out 34mpg, when you are driving it sensibly, obviously.


Ford has thrown in an electronic Torque Vectoring Control system as well as a three-mode stability control option, both of which should ensure that Fiesta ST handles and moves as you would expect. The Focus ST impressed when we had a play with it back in 2012. 

The steering and suspension has been stiffened up for the Focus ST, giving it what we imagine to be that usual mad hot hatch feel. 


The real trick of the Fiesta ST is in its looks. The front totally overdoes it on the grille, looking like it could gobble up whole chunks of air in front of the ST. The whole thing is completed with 17-inch wheels, a diffuser and a pair of exhausts.

Wrap it all up in Molten Orange and you have yet another piece of fun to add to the ST range.

UPDATE: Ford has got in contact to let us know the sort of speed you can expect from the 2014 ST. It's fast, damn fast. 

The 1.6 litre EcoBoost with 186 PS will get the car from 0-100 km/h in 6.9 seconds. The car is going to top out at 220 km/h. This makes it the fastest Fiesta in history.