(Pocket-lint) - Citroën has launched a special edition of its C1 city car, the C1 Connexion, designed by its fans on Facebook.

Back in 2012, the car manufacturer set about crowdsourcing the specifications for a special edition of the car via its Facebook page. Taking 24,000 design submissions, Citroën has made good on its promise to produce the resultant car and we’ve laid eyes on it.

The special edition Citroën C1 Connexion sports a custom designed badge, which got 60 per cent of the votes on Facebook, having been designed by "Claire", Citroën tells us.


Social media experiment it might have been, but you can now buy this car in various configurations. There’s a 3-door option at £9,495 or the 5-door (pictured) for £9,845. 

The car underneath is the C1 1.0i manual, with VTR trim. The colour scheme is positively urban, with Caldera Black paint and Scarlet Red details. It sits on 14-inch Rift alloy wheels and has tinted windows.

There’s a whole heap of extras bundled in, including custom carpets and exterior styling, as well as more practical things like aircon, electric windows, ABS and daytime running LED lights.


Citroën say the price of the special edition Facebook car is only £500 more than a standard C1 with VTR trim, although you’re actually getting nearly £1,000 in extras. It should give you around 65mpg, with low emissions, so is exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty and the London Congestion Charge.

Sourced through Facebook it might have been, but it doesn’t carry the Facebook badge thankfully. What do you think? Do you "Like" it?

Writing by Chris Hall.