The Audi R8 e-tron, the all-electric supercar that we've been dubbing as Iron Man's car since its announcement back in March, is hankering for some extra attention. At CES Asia 2015, it was unveiled on stage at Audi's pre-show keynote in its driverless form.

Ok, so Audi coyly calls it the "piloted driving" model, but "driverless" cars at any phase of testing on public roads has to have a human behind the wheel to be legal (for the time being). But that doesn't stop this R8 from going all Knightrider.

Far from donning a retro Hasselhoff perm, though, the R8 e-tron is a mighty fine supercar from top to tip. We've known that since the range launched, but the e-tron, here finished in blue with illuminated orange side panels and carbon fibre sections, is a stunning marriage of materials and design. Just look at the pictures in our eyes-on gallery.

However, it hasn't meant giant batteries getting in the way of weight or performance. Under the hood the R8 e-tron has a 456bhp engine, which can hit the 62mph mark in just 3.9-seconds. All from electric-only power.


It's even got a maximum range of 280 miles (450km). Good to know that if you're going to drop the predicted $250,000 on buying one that you'll have plenty of juice to drive afar and, should you need to top-up, the Combined Charging System means a full battery again in under two hours. 

Thanks to the multiple sensors of the pilotless driving system - which utilises cameras for a 360-degree view, in combination with radar, lidar, PMD (photo mix detector) and lots of intelligent processing - it's highly unlikely that you'll crash. Let's hope all that automated tech doesn't take the desirability factor out of actually driving this supercar then.

But one thing's for sure: the R8 e-tron is a stunner to look at. Tony Starke, if you're reading, can we have one pre-ordered for our birthday in 2016 please?