Audi has pulled the covers off the new Audi TT Coupé, refreshing the car's design inside and out. It was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, and we caught up with the new TT at an exclusive preview event at Audi City London.

The new Audi, which will be on sale later in 2014, is instantly recognisable as the TT. There hasn't been a drastic change in styling, with the roofline in particular looking very much like the previous model.

However what Audi has done is pull in elements from other models. To reflect the heritage of this sports car, the wheel arches are reminiscent of the original 1998 Audi TT.

audi tt 2014 pictures and hands on image 3

Around the back, although it's very similar to the previous model, there's a curve that follows the design of the rear end of models like the A4. Those side creases look a lot like the new A3 too.

Around the front there's been a little more of a change. The bonnet appears shorter and with the positioning of the Audi rings on the bonnet, rather than the grille, it's much more like the Audi R8. 

With the angry Matrix LED headlights, the new TT looks beefier than previously, and when you see it racing up behind you in your rear-view mirror, we're sure that your gaze will linger a little longer than it did before.

audi tt 2014 pictures and hands on image 2

In the process of building the new model, Audi has reduced the weight by about 50kg, but it's inside that you'll notice the biggest difference from the previous car. 

Although the steering wheel looks pretty much standard fare, behind it lies the new 12.3-inch digital driver display. This panel has a 1440 x 540 pixel resolution and is powered by Nvidia's Tegra 3 chipset.

The display was first shown off at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. It will let you have full-screen mapping sitting behind miniature dials, as well as giving you plenty of customisation options so the driver can see exactly what they want.

It is very much a system that's been designed around the driver and one of the first things we noted was that any passenger isn't going to have the same degree of interaction as they might in a centre-display system. Exactly how this plays out in real life when you have your plus one in the car, we'll have to wait and see.

The layout is now much better in the interior. Audi has stuck to the "less is more" principle and in doing so has added some neat touches, like the aircon controls integrated into the round vents themselves. That saves you from a control panel squeezed into a space that you can't really get to, often the problem that sports cars face.

As previously, the Audi TT is still a 2+2 configuration with back seats, but they are probably better suited to your handbag or jacket. They do fold down, however, meaning you'll be able to get a little more in the (now larger) boot, and we're glad to see the expansive rear window is still in place, so rear visibility is good.

There will be a range of engines for the TT, from the 2-litre diesel (184hp), through to a 2-litre petrol with 230hp or 310hp and plenty of extra tech options as you find elsewhere on Audi's cars.

The new Audi TT will be available in Autumn 2014.