German car maker Audi has debuted its 10.2-inch Smart Display tablet at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, which it hopes will lead to a better in-car experience.

It connects to an Audi via Wi-Fi, letting passengers in both the front and back seats control the car's infotainment system, along with access to the speedometer and tachometer. It wouldn't be a tablet without access to apps - Audi has included a full version of Android with Google Play. This lends to the ability to pull up some pretty cool mapping apps, along with the usual checking email and tweeting. 


Given its tablet nature, the Smart Display can be taken out of your Audi, if for some reason you wanted to play with it on the sofa. Audi says it must connect to the car every 30 days.

We played with the Smart Display at CES 2014 and found it be a bit bulky and heavy, but Audi says this is because of its crash resistance and ability to withstand temperatures as high as 80/176F. It runs an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor and has a 1080p display wrapped in an aluminum back.

Audi is remaining quiet on details such as pricing but says that it will cost more than the iPad, what version of Android it's running, amount of internal storage, and if it will be available for the entire Audi fleet.

Nonetheless, connected car gadgets like Audi's Smart Display have become the theme of CES 2014.