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(Pocket-lint) - No, that's not a new McLaren you're looking at, it's the Nio EP9 - the world's fastest electric supercar. And it's made by none other than NextEV, the Chinese brand best known (until now) for its Formula E team.

The Nio name is the new part of the package, because the EP9 isn't a thing of imagination: it will be available as a full production car from 2017. Well, in China to begin with.

So just how fast is it? Well, move over Tesla, because the EP9 can hit 0-62mph in a mind boggling 2.7-seconds. That's quicker than Tesla's so-called Ludicrous mode (ok, so only by 0.1-second, but it's fast).

That's not all, though. The EP9 can keep on going, reaching 124mph in 7.1-seconds, 186mph in 15.9-seconds, before topping out at 194mph. Speedy. The car has been put around Germany's Nürburgring, achieving a world-fastest EV lap time of 7-minutes and 5-seconds.

Pocket-lintnextev nio ep9 in pictures image 13

But that's all the number stuff. Seeing the car in person makes you realise what a racer it is. The inside cockpit - accessed once the flip-up gull-wing doors upwards and forwards out of the way - can snugly fit two people with its bucket seats and harnesses.

It's a stripped-back but tech-heavy experience inside too. The driver's racing steering wheel comes complete with embedded driver's screen to relay all the driving information. To the side there's a touchscreen centre control, plus rotational dial, while two main screens make up the digital dashboard. It's not as slickly integrated as a Tesla's makeup, perhaps.

However, the thing that's really going to turn heads is the way this car looks. Low slung to the ground, its snarling nose has squinty, elongated lights that give an aggressive stance.

Pocket-lintnextev nio ep9 in pictures image 2

From the rear the EP9 is more rounded, with featured tail lights tracing the bodywork, striking a a bull horn-like shape. They degree they protrude from the rear makes them all the more striking; a signature look. Speaking of which, there's a Chinese signature to the rear.

A shame, then, that the "EP9" and new logo symbol look like budget matte plastic in among all the metal work. The logo also looks like a Commodore 64 logo turned sideways. Oops.

That the EP9 is an electric car with a purported 265-miles of range makes it all the more impressive. That's on par with Tesla. The NextEV's batteries are slotted between the doors, can be charged in 45-minutes, and are indirectly water cooled to keep the heat down. We can imagine things would get hot at pace.

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So how much will the NextEV Nio EP9 cost? Well, it is a supercar, so expect supercar prices: a cool $1.2m, in fact.

Anyway, we don't care about the price (because we can't afford one). So just look at those pictures instead. Swoon.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 21 November 2016.