Want to turn your car into a fighter pilot's cockpit? A heads-up display should do the trick there. That's where the Pioneer NavGate HUD's 29-inch display comes into its own.

The unit itself, which offers navigation information from your mobile's CoPilot app, clips into the car's sun visor for easy installation. Then the DLP projector fires high-contrast information directly in front of the driver. This, Pioneer says, is safer than normal screens as it lets the driver continue to look at the road while glancing at any information. Take note Google Glass driving naysayers. 

While it was a little challenging to photograph, because of a limited viewing angle, once set up it was clear. This feels like the ideal way to read and drive, plus it can easily be tilted for whoever is behind the wheel. Much like Google Glass, the information is displayed in a minimal way for instant clarity.

We were shown navigation, speed and limit, clock, arrival time and direction - as you can see from the photos. The NavGate HUD is also able to display speed camera and red light warnings as well as the distance to a destination. Not bad for the limited space it takes up on your windscreen.

Automatic sensors adjust the brightness to save on battery life. We notice the demo unit was in a rather dark corner of IFA so are a little concerned about how clear the HUD appears in full daylight. As for audio automation, that lets you play music from your phone over the car speakers while lowering volume for direction announcements; we'll have to wait for our full review to test this.

The Pioneer NavGate HUD is out to buy this October for £600.