It's not even in dealerships yet, however that didn't stop Pocket-lint flying up to the Scottish Highlands to test out the new Volvo S60 to grab a plethora of hands-on shots of the new car that has to be the safest car on the road, full stop.

Pictured here is the Volvo S60 5D and 3D. We know what you are thinking, it looks like a regular car. But hidden within the shell is a range of tech that will have a gadget hound like yourself getting very excited.

Yes, there is the usual array of in-car entertainment like satnav, DAB radio, iPod and USB docking options and a stack of menu systems that will confuse the hell out of you, and there's also Bluetooth as standard that lets you connect your phone and stream music from your iPod.

However, those wishing to go even more high tech can opt to add the Volvo Drivers Support Pack.

At £1200 it includes a system that will alert you when you drift out of lane, handy for when you fall asleep, as well as something Volvo are calling Blind Spot Information System; that uses two cameras mounted under the wing mirrors to alert you if there is a car in your blind spot.

"But wait there's more"; as a game show host would say. The Drivers Support Pack also adds Pedestrian Collision Detection, a system that using a camera in the windscreen and a radar in the front grill, which monitors the road for when a "stupid" pedestrian steps out in front of you. If that happens, the car will give you a warning and if you fail to respond hits the breaks hard.

Volvo says, and Pocket-lint has now experienced first hand with dummies, that if you are travelling under 22mph the car will be able to stop without incident. Over that speed and it will do its best to slow you down. While that means you're still likely to hit them, it might mean the difference between them only breaking their legs and them dying. Phew.

Those who don't have the spare cash for the upgrades will be pleased to hear they still get City Safety, a similar system that detects cars rather than people; hopefully saving you from crashing into someone at a roundabout or traffic jam.

Prices start from around £23,000 for the entry-level petrol model.