When you think of camping in a Volkswagen minivan you don't expect it to come kitted out with two 42-inch LCD televisions, a Nintendo Wii, PS3 and enough bass to rock the campsite, do you?

Well that's the goal of this bad boy courtesy of accessories maker Hama in Germany.

Shown off at IFA in Berlin, Germany the minivan has been kitted out to be the ultimate entertainment hub for two lucky passengers.

Inside there is a personal cinema complete with two leather captain seats, a wine cooler and one of the 42-inch televisions. Everything is controlled via a touchscreen remote. Blu-ray and a memory card reader are of course present.

In the boot (or truck as our American friends like to call it) the gadgets continue with a second 42-inch television, a Nintendo Wii, PS3 (not slim) and more speakers and subwoofers that is probably recommended for your average minivan.

The whole experience is "blinged" with a number of led light strips to give you that disco feeling.

The price? A rather reasonable 100,000 Euros.

Camping will never be the same again.