Volkswagen has unveiled the GTI W12-650 – that’s a Golf GTI packing a mid-mounted bi-turbo W12 670bhp engine. With rear-wheel drive.

Not only is it the most powerful Golf ever produced by V-Dub, but it’s also the fastest. The sprint from standstill to 62 mph takes just 3.7 seconds and it has a potential maximum speed of 201.8 mph, all made possible through a 7cm lower ride height and under-floor aerodynamic aids.

The W12 engine (similar to the one in the Phaeton) and its pair of turbochargers sits in a unique aluminium subframe, while the myriad cooling systems are fed by a pair of side-mounted cooling vents placed in the airflow just ahead of the rear wheels. There’s also a six-speed Tiptronic auto transmission.

A 16cm gain in width over the standard GTI is allows the engine to fit and the roof is constructed of carbon fibre and features an integrated cooling scoop to channel air into the rear-mounted radiators. The redesigned floating C-pillars further aid the cooling systems to feed air into the engine.

It’s a monster.