Rating about a 9.6 on the what-the-f*ck-is that-ometer, the new Volkswagen Nanospyder concept might just be a little too way-out there for even the most optimistic future gazers among us.

Futuristic nanotechnology supported by hydrogen fuel cells, solar power, wheel-mounted electric motors and inflatable organic body panels combine to form the bonkers shape of the two-seater concept. The work of a team of three young designers from Santa Monica came up with idea from a design brief that asked for a vehicle able to make the most of California without harming the environment.

According to its creators, the Nanospyder would be formed out of a latticework of billions of tiny programmable nano devices measuring less than half a millimetre in diameter. Each of these tiny devices can be programmed to be as strong or weak as required to create active (and we mean active) "crumple zones".

The nano-lattice would then be surrounded by panels formed out of a mix of organic materials, some of which can inflate to provide further cushioning in the result of an impact. The material doubles as a power source as polysynthesis (pay attenntion at the back) generates small amounts of electricity. This coupled with hydrogen fuels generates power to drive the tiny electric motors mounted within the hubs of all four wheels.

Crazy? Undoubtedly. Likely to ever become a reality? Not on your Nova. Incredibly cool? You betcha.