Yes, it’s a van. But, lordy, what a van.

It’s unlikely you’ll have heard of the Crafter - VW’s new load carrier - unless you work in the trade, but it’s conceptual sister is the Atacama, and it looks great.

The four-wheel drive concept is the product of the boffins at VW HQ in Wolfsburg, Germany, and it could become a limited production vehicle. In remodelling the Crafter, designers have made slight mods to the radiator, headlights and vents, and have added that all-important aluminium effect. Side air inlets in the wings lend the Atacama a rather sporty finish.

For protection during off-road use, the vehicle has been equipped with robust panelling and powerfully modelled wheel arches, while the quite amazing C-shaped side window is sure to be the main talking point. If it makes it to production, it will have the Crafter’s existing 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbodiesel, permanent 4 x 4, six-speed ‘box and will churn out 165bhp. Perfect for a desert and/or mountain range near you.

Whether a holder for your copy of the Daily Sport will be included at the bottom of the windscreen has yet to be confirmed.