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(Pocket-lint) - Feast your eyes on the VW ID Buzz: the all-electric reimagining of the German Marque's 50s classic Type 2 vehicle, built for a new generation.

You may remember the Camper, as it was colloquially known in the UK, or Bus, as in the US, or Bulli, for those on the European continent. That's what the ID Buzz harks back to, in all-new electrified form.

There's so much history to this vehicle's heritage, as the representative of progressive movements from the 60s and beyond, so it's a great platform to propel Volkswagen's ID range further into the limelight.

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Obviously the interior is a key factor to the ID Buzz, offering lots of space in a lounge-style finish. However, it's just a 5-seater arrangement as standard - a 6-seat configuration is possible, adding a third seat up front - with the focus on significant luggage space: the back offering 1,121-litres capacity (2,205-litres if folding down the back row seats).

Built on VW's Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) platform - a mass production platform for all-electric cars - the ID Buzz gets an 82kWh battery (77kWh usable) and 150kW motor, just as you'll find available in the company's ID 3 and ID 4 models.

VW hasn't yet provided an official range per charge, but as the ID 4's cited range is 310 miles (500km) per charge, the larger mass of the ID Buzz means it has to be less. Which might take away some of the long-distance appeal for those looking to buy the all-electric Bus and taking it away into the wilderness.

The battery on board can recharge at 170kW, so if you plug into a CSS socket you can recharge 75 per cent of the battery in half an hour. A 7.5kW home charger will, of course, take far longer - about 10 times that quote. 

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The other thing Volkswagen is yet to state is how much the ID Buzz will cost. All we know is that European shipments will arrive first, from the autumn, with pre-orders opening in May in certain (unnamed territories). The USA, meanwhile, will need to wait longer as shipments are expected to arrive from 2024.

Writing by Mike Lowe.