VW ID. Life wants to drive the electric revolution

VW has said that the ID. Life will be an entry-level electric car when it launches in 2025 - aiming to cost €20,000 ($24,000). (image credit: Volkswagen)
It will feature a 57kWh battery, with a range of 250 miles - far in excess of many cheap electric cars. (image credit: Volkswagen)
The ID. Life uses basic design without frills, to keep costs down - while also focusing on sustainabillity. (image credit: Volkswagen)
The interior might also be very simple, to avoid costs, but also avoiding clutter. Here the drive controls are touch-enabled on the steering wheel. (image credit: Volkswagen)
The cabin could use a docked smartphone rather than offer a built-in screen, while everything is controlled by touch. (image credit: Volkswagen)
This is a concept, so the addition of a projector screen to turn your car into a gaming centre of movie theater shouldn't come as a surprise. (image credit: Volkswagen)
There's a lot to like about the ID. Life, the range, the price - but we expect to see this concept evolve a little before we get close to a production model. (image credit: Volkswagen)