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(Pocket-lint) - The  ID 4 is expected to debut in a matter of weeks, but Volkswagen is already showing off the new electric SUV’s interior. The German automaker has come up with a clutter-free design, based on the pictures, and it looks very modern. Those displays even give off Tesla vibes.

Volkswagen didn't provide any details about the vehicle’s touchscreens or infotainment system. The horizontal screen in the center console appears to have apps pointing to settings, radio, battery, navigation, and more. There's also a screen behind the steering wheel if you look close.

There aren't many physical buttons to be found. So, to use the digital cockpit, you'll need to operate the touchscreens or use voice commands. We can see some buttons below the console and by the steering wheel. Some of these appear to be for climate control and emergency braking.

The lighting scheme, or the "ID.Light system" as Volkswagen calls it, also stands out on the upcoming ID 4, consisting of a light strip below the windscreen that can change colour to signal incoming calls, locked doors, and navigation alerts.

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The ID 4 is an electric vehicle coming to North America and Europe. It is expected to get around 300 miles of range. Volkswagen plans to offer both all-wheel and rear-wheel drive options, with rear-wheel drive launching first. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman.