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(Pocket-lint) - What was once known as the Volkswagen ID.Crozz concept had knowingly been titled the VW ID.4 - an electric car that VW teased in camouflauge wrap in a presentation back in March following the absence of a 2020 Geneva Motor Show.

Now leaked images of the production car show what VW's all-electric future vision will look like in its road-worthy form, a leak that Electrek cites from an apparent Chinese car website source.

The ID.4 is a big deal for VW. It's the first all-electric car that it will go on sale in the USA, while China is expected to be another big market for the German marque.

ElectrekVolkswagen Id4 image 2

But does the ID.4 look very Volkswagen? Front-on and from the rear it's got that undeniable VW look. Three-quarters and from the side, however, this SUV-styled all-electric looks to us like any number of its competitors - like a softer version of the Hyundai Kona - in an apparent play-it-safe mass appeal attempt.

You can see the car from every angle if you scroll through the image gallery up top. 

The leak suggests that the proper launch of the ID.4 is imminent. However, we still don't know precise pricing, how wide-ranging options will be, or just how far a charge will take it. We're sure the coming weeks and months will reveal everything officially...

Writing by Mike Lowe.