Volkswagen has introduced a new car concept that models its vision for autonomous driving.

Called Sedric (as in "self-driving car"), the vehicle is fully autonomous and has no steering wheel or pedals. Volkswagen Group AG, the parent group of Volkswagen, revealed Sedric at the Geneva Auto Show on Monday. During the unveiling, Volkswagen claimed Sedric, which can be summoned at the push of a button for ride-hailing trips, is the first vehicle to be designed for fully autonomous driving “from scratch".

Volkswagen also said Sedric could serve as a “friend and companion” for your family, which makes us wonder if Volkswagen imagining a built-in artificial intelligence - sort of like Toyota's Concept-i vehicle, which debuted earlier this year with the “Yui" AI. Volkswagen has suggested we should expect these features in Sedric to appear in its production-ready cars in the coming years, rather than Sedric itself.


From Volkswagen press materials and video, it's clear that Sedric is just a dream at this point and may never come to fruition. Both the exterior and interior are unlike anything else on the road right now. The inside appears to be a vintage lounge of sorts, with bright yellow seats and wood grain paneling and even a spot to grow potted plants.

It's definitely neat to see what car companies are envisioning for tomorrow's self-driving vehicles.