Volkswagen has unveiled an innovative new car, the Golf SportWagen HyMotion that uses hydrogen fuel cells, making it eco-friendly but super high tech.

Hydrogen powered cars only produce water as a byproduct making them environmentally friendly. They can also be filled up quickly like current cars giving them that advantage over pure electric cars that require charging.

The HyMotion is currently a "progressive research vehicle" meaning it's not aimed at the road just yet but is helping VW to perfect its fuel cell tech. The front wheel drive car is able to achieve a 0-62mph acceleration in 10 seconds and can manage 310-miles on a full tank of hydrogen. Refilling the tank of the concept car takes only three minutes.


The hydrogen fuel cell powered car still features lithium-ion batteries. These are used to store energy from regenerative breaking, assist in the starting phase of the fuel cell and as a booster for more acceleration.

Volkswagen says that when it does start to release fuel cell cars it will do so in current models like the Golf which already feature perfected systems. The wait for that to happen is due to developmental hurdles. For example an infrastructure of fuel cell station to recharge would be needed. Also the plants that manufacture the fuel would need to be eco-friendly too or that would defeat the object of hydrogen powered cars.

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