The VW XL1 has been sold to a buyer in Germany as the world's most fuel efficient car begins to roll out of production to the roads. Roads where it will be able to manage 313 miles per gallon.

The VW XL1 was first unveiled at The Geneva Motor Show this year. The car uses a 0.8-litre, two-cylinder TDI engine and electric motor with a 5.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack. That means it is capable of travelling on electric power alone for 31 miles, but using the hybrid system can eek out 313 miles on a single gallon of diesel.

The XL1 features a carbon fibre reinforced plastic body to keep weight down and centre of gravity low. Drivers can squeeze in 4.2 cubic feet of cargo in the 153-inch long car.

Before you rush out to find one, VW says it will only be making 250. The price is set in Euros at €110,000 since it's only sold from Germany.

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