Volkswagen UK has launched a new campaign in the UK that aims to show just how safe its vehicles are.

Dubbed “Made for real life, not the movies”, the new campaign shows make-believe situations that would be possible if the stars of the movies had used Volkswagen cars due to their safety features.

In the case of the first in the campaign, called Bus, Chase, and (Non) Explosion the agent trying to get on the bus full of hostages can't because the VW they are driving just won't let them get that close to the vehicle because it is fitted with Safe Distance Technology. 

"It comes from the simple observation that although Volkswagen cars may be great for the needs of everyday life, they wouldn’t be great cars to have in action movies, because of the safety technology they are equipped with," explains Volkswagen.

Sadly for those in danger needing to be saved, the drama quickly unravels, thanks to various safety features, turning the films from high-action and high-drama films, to anti-action films rather quickly.

The campaign launches online and is also showing in independent cinemas around the country.