A VW Beetle has been built out of wood by a 71-year-old Bosnian retiree. There's a sentence we'll likely never write again.

The VW Beetle is made by hand from over 50,000 pieces of carved oak. The wooden scale-like convertible has had every part made by Momir Bojic, the retiree.

The car is fully functional with every detail made from wood down to the wiper blades and the hubcaps. We say it's fully functional, but wouldn't like to think about what a stray spark could do to the potential bonfire on wheels.

The Beetle is covered in thousands of oak tiles, each one of which needed at least 23 procedures. From the steering wheel to the gearstick the car is wood inside and out – even the radio. He built the whole thing in his garden workshed. Think you could do better in yours?

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