Last year's Super Bowl was memorable for one thing more than any other: not that it was played with the roof closed, which gave it an eerie atmosphere (in our opinion); nor that it marked a great victory for the Green Bay Packers, in their first Super Bowl win in 14 years; nope, it was THAT Volkswagen advert.

You remember, the one with the little kid who wanted to be Darth Vader. Simple, but brilliant in its execution, and only marred by two things: firstly, that the little kid inside the helmet turned out to be a precocious brat when interviewed on TV shows; and secondly, that the UK version of the same ad replaced the noise of the car engine starting up remotely at the end (something the Passat can do) with a lightsaber sample (something IT CAN NOT DO). We're not bitter though. Much.

Now Volkswagen is returning to a Star Wars theme with its advert for Super Bowl XLVI, and has posted a teaser for its spot during the most watched sporting spectacle in the US online for all to enjoy.

This time, the company has opted for dogs to provide the entertainment rather than irritating rug rats and we must say that we approve. It's bloody brilliant, and if this is but the warm up for the real ad, we can't wait.

All will be revealed on 5 February...