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(Pocket-lint) - Festival season is fast approaching (or has already approached if you're a fan of new music) and unless you've managed to nab yourself some campervan tickets already, chances are you're gonna be slumming it in a field, in your tent, with a load of middle class twits using Pringle tubes as bongs, or TOWIE wannabes "glamping" it up.

So, if you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd then you're going to need to turn up with something a bit different in your back-pack. Something a bit awesome.

And we've seen nothing more awesome (in the way of tents, at least) than this VW Camper shaped tent that is available now to pre-order on Firebox.

Put simply, this is awesomeness to a higher power. And remember, Anybody Can Be Cool - But Awesome Takes Practice.

“We are incredibly excited about the VW Camper Van Tent”, said Ryan Collins, head of buying at Firebox.com “Not only is it on trend, with the 1970s already taking over summer fashion, but we believe there will be a huge appetite for retro themed camping products. In fact, we predict the VW camper tents will become as iconic as the van itself.”

We're not sure about that, but we are sure you'll be rocking the best tent in the camping field bar none if you pitch one of these bad-boys up.

Out in August - so hopefully in time for V, Reading and Leeds (and some slightly well less known festivals too) - the 4-man VW Camper Van Tent will cost you £299.99.

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Heavy man.

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.