German car manufacturer Volkswagon is looking for programmers and developers, professional or otherwise, to help develop applications for the company's future in-vehicle infotainment systems as part of its forthcoming Open Innovation Contest, App-my-ride.

Opening on 3 May, the competition will allow entrants to jointly create apps with Volkswagon and a jury of experts will decide which one wins the huge amount of swag on offer, and may well feature in a VW system at a later date.

“Our aim is to invite the international developer community to take part in designing a future system”, says Prof. Dr Jürgen Leohold, Head of the Volkswagen Group Research.

To develop an app, applicants must have the following: An idea for an app to be installed in a vehicle; the graphic design of the user interface, and an ability to programme in Adobe Flash/Flex. And "the purpose, design and logical construction of the app should be geared towards the possible requirements of drivers and other occupants".

The website with more details and ways to enter will be open from 3 May. And here's one idea from Pocket-lint for free, how about a Beastie Boys-themed auction site-style app where VW owners can buy back the badges nicked from their motors in the 80s?