The Monaro was, quite simply, motoring genius. Vauxhall’s decision to axe the muscle car was a blow to many, but one that’s been cushioned considerably with the announcement that a replacement is incoming.

The new Aussie-built muscle car – the VXR8 – is more powerful even than the Monaro. The dramatic-looking new saloon is powered by the same 6.0-litre V8, but revisions to the engine have made it even more efficient. It now develops enough power to deliver 0-60mph in just 4.9 seconds.

Based on the Holden HSV Clubsport R8, the XVR8 has four doors – the Monaro had three - a massive boot, and climate control and leather trim as standard. Powerful 365mm front disc brakes can slow the car down from 60mph to a standstill faster than a Lamborghini Murcielago or BMW M5.

An automatic gearbox will be an option – with a £1400 self-shifter, manual override sport setting where specified – as will humongous 20in rims.

Amazingly, the VXR8 will cost just £34,995 – that may be more than the Monaro but you still can’t go any quicker for less money.