Vauxhall has launched a new windscreen wiper promising better rain clearance than any other on the market.

The new flatblade is a joint free, aerodynamic design that incorporates an integrated spoiler and spring loaded rails, which promise to provide a uniform contact pressure across the entire length of the blade.

The theory is that this will help eliminate the jerking, squeaking and smearing that can effect wiper blades even after just a few months of wear.

Wiper-blade technology is more complicated than you might imagine. Recent innovations include rain sensitive wiper activation, now common on most high-end models and gaining presence on many mid-level cars as well.

Mercedes has long used a system that moves blades up and down as well as side to side in order to maximise the area of screen that can be cleaned. Advanced polymers have also been developed to increase their lifespan and prevent tearing.

But wipers can also cause drag and noise problems. The aerodynamic flatblade is sleeker than normal wipers, which not only means the surface is more likely to stay in contact with the screen but can reduce wind noise by a claimed 50%.

Whether you drive a Vauxhall or not, you must always make sure your wipers are working properly. Drivers can be penalised with £1000 fines and penalty points if the Old Bill catch you with a mucky screen caused by ineffectual wipers.