Men are well rubbish. Not only are they not particularly good at things like hunting or fire-building these days, there also none too hot when it comes to knowing their way around an automobile.

According to recent research, while 94% of men claim they are able to perform even the most simple of under-the-bonnet checks, only 80% could identify the oil dipstick. 10% pointed to the radiator and 3% fingered the battery. D’oh!

Still, being less prone to mood swings than women, the chaps took it on the chin, went for a pint and scoffed a late-night kebab before returning home to watch some late-night naughty stuff on Bravo.

However, a new study from Vauxhall reveals that almost a half of women rely on their long-suffering hubbies for the most basic of car-maintenance advice, with almost 90% admitting their bloks is more likely to know about the subject than they.

"For a majority of men, car confidence appears to be an almost in-built characteristic by virtue of their gender alone." says psychologist Professor Geoff Beattie. "It's interesting that when put to the test, men are not as savvy as they would have us believe and that in fact, as many as a quarter of men openly confess to bluffing their car knowledge.

"Women should rethink relying on the men in their life and have more confidence in their own ability to get it right under the bonnet."

Still, as long as they know how to use the mirror to apply their lipstick and blusher, can find the door bin to secrete the latest edition of Take A Break, and know the number for the AA, they’re probably not too bothered.