Vauxhall Adam owners are now able to get Siri integrated into their cars, with every new Adam sold shipping with Siri connectivity. The Vauxhall Adam uses its Intellilink technology to hook up with Siri. Current Adam owners will be able to to pick up a free Intellilink update to get the Siri functionality.

On top of the Intellilink update, Vauxhall will also start selling the Adam Siri edition, a special car which boasts Apple-style white or black paint schemes and brushed-aluminium wing mirrors.

Siri works in the car via a steering wheel-mounted button. All you need to do is hit the voice control button on the wheel and the Adam will instantly hook up with your iPhone and start using Siri. Every Siri function is available, be it asking for a web search or to reply to a text message.

Siri will be available in every Adam ordered from today. Current owners who want the update will need to take their Adam into a Vauxhall dealership.