(Pocket-lint) - Vauxhall's Adam range is about to get the mother of all special editions, in the form of the Vauxhall Adam Siri. The car is colour-matched with the iPhone, shipping in white or black, and features brushed-aluminium detailing in a clever nod to Apple's design.

This means you get aluminium wing mirrors, an aluminium section on the front grille and white and silver hubcaps. Details on the car are thin on the ground, with Vauxhall keeping pretty schtum about just how far the Apple styling tweaks will go. You can imagine, given Apple's brand protection, that Vauxhall will be being extremely careful as to exactly how to approach the Siri edition.

Vauxhall also announced at the Geneva motorshow that future models of its Adam would be getting Siri functionality through its IntelliLink app. Called Siri Eyes Free, the in-car tech works with an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. You need to simply hold down the Adam's Touch to Talk button on its steering wheel and Siri should pop up, ready for you to ask it questions.

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You can pick music and interact with Siri as you would via an iPhone. The Siri tech will even let you send texts while driving. The whole set-up uses Bluetooth and the Adam's built in microphone.

Pocket-lint was told several years ago that Apple had an internal department dedicated to motoring, which, we presume, has been responsible for BMW and Mini's iPod integration, as well as other manufacturers' iPod support. The iOS 6 launch saw Apple announce partnerships with BMW to bring Siri to its cars, although, from the look of it, Vauxhall is now on board as well.

The Adam Siri could very well be the first proper step towards Apple releasing its own iCar. Apple initially tested the water with a Motorola partnership and iTunes embedded in the Rokr phone, before releasing its own iPhone. It's a stretch, but it could be doing something similar with the Adam.

We don't have a release date for the Adam Siri edition, but we imagine Vauxhall will be doing backflips with excitement right now. Having a brand as cool as Apple involved with its flagship young person's product could help work wonders for brand image.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.