New Yorkers are being given the chance to work outside thanks to a little help from the sun and some technologically advanced daisies.

Toyota, in an attempt to show its green credentials for the launch of the Prius, has placed a handful of solar powered Wi-Fi and changing stations on Broadway and 23rd street.

The stations, which have been designed to look like daisies, will offer passers by the chance to "sit and surf" in the sun from 8am till 9pm everyday with each of the five Solar Flowers providing seating for up to 10 people, access to free Wi-Fi and power to charge cell phones and laptops.

"It's great," one mobile worker told us as he surfed the web soaking up some rays. "The fact they've [Toyota] have added power as well means I'm not worried about running out of juice".

The charging daisies will be in situ until the 2 August according to the car maker, before moving on to other cities in America including Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The tenuous connection? 3rd generation Prius has solar panels on its roof.