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(Pocket-lint) - When was the last time you looked at a Toyota Aygo and went 'wow'?

Probably about one second ago, as your eyes are currently looking at the Toyota Aygo X Prologue - a preview, if you will, of a future rendition of the A segment city runabout.

ToyotaToyota Aygo X Prologue pictures photo 4

Designed in Europe, at Toyota's 'ED2' European Design HQ in Nice, France, the Aygo X Prologue is a real reimagining of the small car. It's got plenty of contemporary Toyota design traits - those joined-up light strips between the headlights and rear lamps - and some nods to other Toyota cars - it's a little bit GR Yaris in parts - but with a distinct look all of its own.

As is often the case with concept cars, this 'Prologue' is just that: an establishing, preparatory story of what's to come. So anticipate that a 2023 Aygo could arrive with far more fun and fierce looks than the outgoing model.

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Although take this X Prologue design with a pinch of salt. While the car is very much real - the lead shot top of page was taken at Toyota ED2 of the finalised prototype - you're not going to see it on real roads with wheels that large (or expensive!) and some other design details are likely to be nipped, tucked and, as relevant, road-legalised.

ToyotaToyota Aygo X Prologue pictures photo 5

There's also no word on powertrain as yet. With car-makers forging towards an electrification future, we'd be surprised to see the Aygo not arrive in an EV form from day one.

Still, we're getting ahead of ourselves. For let's revel in what the Toyota Aygo X Prologue represents: the first exciting vision of an A segment car that we've seen for, well, just about forever.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 16 March 2021.