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(Pocket-lint) - The Yaris. This little car has become something of an icon over the years. And for 2021 it's expanding - not just in terms of the range, but literally - into a hybrid SUV, in the form of Yaris Cross.

The Yaris Cross slots into the B-SUV segment, making it the smallest SUV that Toyota makes. But just because it's small doesn't mean it's cutting corners: the car's hybrid make-up combines fuel and electric motors for lower emissions; while the option of AWD-i (all wheel drive 'intelligent') gives this mini SUV some genuine off-road capabilities.

There's a lot of talk about climate change at the moment. It's part of the reason why Pocket-lint is running sustainability month. The Yaris Cross is a sure fit in this area, as its produces the lowest emissions of a car of its type (sub-100g/km for the AWD model), making it a great commuter car, family runabout, and weekend adventurer.

ToyotaToyota Yaris Cross image 1

You might not have ever looked at a Yaris before and thought "that'd make a great little SUV". But, as you can see from our pictures, this new hybrid - which is due to hit European roads in 2021 - has greater presence than the small car upon which it is based (believe it or not, the wheelbase is one and the same, despite the Cross being longer in the bodywork).

It's got those big wheels (up to 18in), genuine ground clearance (30mm), and the seats fold fully to open up the boot space to accommodate actual stuff - you know, the reason you're likely to want an SUV in the first instance. So if you've got shopping, a dog, a couple of bikes, or whatever, the Yaris Cross, somewhat surprisingly, has you covered.

Looks like bigger adventures can come from the smaller of cars after all.

Writing by Mike Lowe.