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(Pocket-lint) - Concept cars always push the boundaries of what is possible for car design and Toyota's latest design is no different.

Called the "Fine-Comfort Ride" - we hope that name changes if the car goes into production - it's a new "premium saloon" that's powered by hydrogen.

Hydrogen has many benefits over electrical power, it can be pumped into the car at a much faster rate when refuelling and it burns at a slower rate, allowing for extra range. Sourcing hydrogen is proving a bit of a problem though. If it's done the in the cleanest way, from renewable sources, it's expensive.

Go down the more cost effective route and carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are produced, harmful greenhouse gases that contradict the car's very existence. `

As you'd expect, the Fine-Comfort Ride produces zero emissions and claims to have a cruising range of around 600 miles, way above what battery-powered electric vehicles can manage.

Toyota hasn't explicitly stated how the hydrogen power system works in the Fine-Comfort Ride, but if it's anything like the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, the hydrogen will combine with oxygen to produce electricity, which is then stored in a battery.

Design-wise, the Fine-Comfort Ride employs a diamond-like shape, being narrow at the front, widening in the centre, and tapering off again at the rear. This has been done to maximise the space for passengers inside, while also being aerodynamically efficient.

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Space inside is further maximised by placing electric motors in the wheels, allowing them to be placed in the very corners.

Inside the cabin Toyota has gone all out on luxury. The individual seats, of which you can have up to six, can swivel in any direction, although we wouldn't recommend the driver turning to face the passengers in the back while driving. From the pictures, the Fine-Comfort Ride looks like a mini nightclub inside, just without the fully-stocked bar.

The windows are claimed to have tablet-like functionality too, which we presume means they have a touchscreen built into them that could possibly be used for web browsing or games.

The Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride concept will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show next week, where we hope to find out more details.

Writing by Max Langridge.