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(Pocket-lint) - Toyota has announced that drivers of its new Yaris will be able to download and use the Aupeo app to stream personalised music in their cars.

This is the first time Aupeo has been available in a Toyota in Europe via its Touch 2 Go multimedia system. The app launched in Berlin back in 2008 and is now in more than 60 countries. This means even when driving across country borders the music will continue to stream.

Aupeo allows drivers to enjoy music tailored to their tastes via more than 200 curated radio stations. Listeners can choose to tune into their own personal radio station, with music based on their tastes. Or they can listen to music by selecting a certain style or artist, in the artist instance it will then stream similar music to that. Finally there's the mood tuner which lets the person select the mood they're in, or want to get into, and plays music to suit.

Aupeo will arrive in the UK in October. The premium service will be free for a 30-day trial and will then cost £4.25 per month. This is advert free and allows the person to skip tracks up to 50 times per day. A Signature service, for £8.50, will launch at the end of 2014 allowing 100 skips, access to internet radio and high definition sound. There will also be a Basic Free service with unlimited listening but it won't be skip friendly and will have advert breaks.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.