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(Pocket-lint) - Toyota has officially confirmed that it will begin selling its fuel cell cars in Europe in 2015.

The car will closely resemble the FCV concept shown in the photo and will fit into the mid-sized saloon category, like the current Avensis. Numbers will initially be limited as Toyota tests to see what the public uptake is like. The car will be able to manage 500 miles on a single tank.

Fuel cell cars use hydrogen as fuel and only produce water vapour as an emission.

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Toyota is working with BMW researching together to pioneer the technology.  Hydrogen fuel is easy to store, better at capturing renewable energies than batteries and can be produced anywhere. 

On why Toyota isn't releasing these cars on a large scale right away Toyota's European president, Didier Leroy said he recognised fuel cell technology would take a while to be adopted: "To help that happen we will bring a reasonable number of cars to Europe. The volume will be limited, but they will be visible on the streets."

Expect to hear more on the fuel cell car from Toyota in the coming months.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.