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(Pocket-lint) - Another satnav device - who with a smartphone needs one of those, right? Well, we take our hat off to TomTom for making its latest navigation device - the TomTom Go Premium - far more interesting thanks to IFTTT integration.

IFTTT - which stands for 'If This Then That' - is an actionable system where various compatible smart home devices can be controlled based on conditions. In the case of the Go Premium, that might mean your smart kettle clicks on when it knows you're three minutes down the road, your Nest heating kicks in when you're leaving the office, or your swanky automated garage opens when you arrive home.

TomTom says that IFTTT integration "allows drivers to sync agendas, connect to smart home devices, interact with virtual assistants and send notifications" - all direct from their Go Premium device.

The satnav also features built-in Wi-Fi to ensure the most up-to-date maps, which can also be used to sync the satnav data with the TomTom MyDrive smartphone app - handing off walking directions to the final destination from one device to the other.

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There are two versions of the TomTom Go Premium: a 5-inch touchscreen model, priced £329.95; and a larger 6-inch touchscreen model, priced £379.95. Both are available now.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 28 March 2019.